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To be a global leader in providing tools for holistic heart healing. To provide an educational, collaborative, and safe¬†environment for change. To be a compassionate and insightful guide on the path of one’s healing journey.


I envision a world where gratitude continues to grow, and where people feel empowered, heard, and supported. I envision a world where communities thrive and heal together through mutually beneficial relationships.

How is our mission accomplished?

Just as Ghandi stated, by being the change we wish to see. We do this through:

What's New


New blog posted on March 18th. Fear and Decisions.



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Weekly Thought

“For if I am to love truly and freely, I must be able to give something that is truly my own to another. If my heart does not first belong to me, how can I give it to another?” -Thomas Merton

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Listen to Ellen speak about Craniosacral Therapy from the 2014 Ignite Your Wellbeing Teleconference

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