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To be a global leader in providing tools for holistic heart healing. To provide an educational, collaborative, and safe healing space that supports and empowers person, community and environment. To be a compassionate and insightful guide on the path of one’s healing journey.


I envision a world where all species feel safe and able to let their lights shine. I envision a world with more mutually beneficial relationships where communities thrive and heal together.

How is our mission accomplished?

Just as Ghandi stated, by being the change we want to see. The tools we use to accomplish this are:

  • Education = teaching and walking the talk
  • Inspiring others to create change = speaking engagements and daily conversation
  • Directly helping heal = one on one hands-on bodywork via massage and craniosacral therapy, and personal & spiritual guidance.
  • By being of service = volunteering our time to help organizations we believe in and also by donating money to others.
  • Creating and providing a solid platform for change – annual events, resources hub, and a collaborative healing center.

Weekly Thought

“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” ¬† ¬†-Chief Seattle

What's New


Ellen will be speaking at the Spiritual Directors International 2015 Conference in Louisville, KY. April 14-17 on Non-Verbal Spiritual Direction: How Energetics Affect Pathways to the Heart.


Ellen is accepting new clients at 5focus in South Lake Union.



Ellen is now available for Winter 2014-2015  Wellness Workshops.

Listen to This

Hear Ellen speak about Craniosacral Therapy from the 2014 Ignite Your Wellbeing Teleconference
The passcode is: 251965

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